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The World Food Clock, an interactive infographic that shows how the figures for production, waste and environmental impact of food go up before our eyes.

Open this page in your browser and watch the clock tick. You will quickly realise how striking the figures are for the world’s food: its production, consumption and waste. But also for the energy, water and fertiliser required to grow (or rear) our food; the greenhouse gas emissions that result; and the equally, paradoxically, high numbers of undernourished people who still populate the planet.

The World Food Clock, an interactive infographic developed by White Vinyl Design, shows how much food is produced and consumed and how many resources are consumed to produce it every second of every day, how much food is wasted, and how much land is exploited “for nothing” to produce food that goes to waste. The counters go up non-stop before our eyes. For example, it reveals that worldwide we eat more than 5 million tonnes of food in just one minute. And in the same time, we waste almost 2.5 million tonnes of it. Leave the page open for just an hour, though, and the figures become astronomical.

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One number alone never changes, no matter how long you stay in front of the screen: the 842 million undernourished people on the planet. It’s a starkly immediate way of illustrating the scale of the problem that will be discussed in Milan in 2015.

The World Food Clock site

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