An Italian in New York: Fabio Parasecoli

The Head of Food Studies at the New School in NYC explains why such courses are becoming more and more common in American universities

University students throughout the USA are rushing to enrol in Food Studies courses, where they learn the history and culture of food. There is hardly any major University department that is not planning to create such a course –or that does not offer one already.

The students are both young and less young, and come from diverse backgrounds. Even professional chefs attend them, because they feel the need to improve their skills in presenting and communicating their craft.

Fabio Parasecoli  is Head of Food Studies at the New School, the University in downtown Manhattan where Hannah Arendt and Erich Fromm once taught. Fabio studied in Rome and Naples, gained a Master degree in Germany, spent two years in China and lectured at New York University.  His latest book is Al dente: a history of food in Italy“ 

July 4, 2014

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