Parmesan: the emperor of cheeses

Of all the symbols of “Made in Italy”, the empire of Parmesan now extends around the world

It has the ring of a drum…

…it ages like valuable wine…

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…it snows generously like a Christmas flurry.

Parmesan is the emperor. “Compared to Parmesan,” according to one poet, “all other cheeses in the world are nothing but the proletariat.”

The birthplaces of the so-called Parmigiano Reggiano, as well as Reggio Emilia, are here. These are Parma and Modena, plus it is also claimed in Mantova in Lombardy.

But the empire of this cheese extends today around the world. There are also those who have made poor attempts at imitation, but anyone with a little bit of taste only wants the original.

Apart from the selection of cows and pasture, Parmesan is made from two subsequent milkings, with partially skimmed milk: one in the evening which flows into special bowls after twelve hours, and one the following morning which rests for two hours.

After a complex and careful preparation, each cheese is seasoned for 20 to 24 months. Then the round is tapped with a special hammer by specialists, who listen to the echo and evaluate its quality.

Check the guarantee: each round has the name, producer’s number and brand of quality.

As is well known, Parmesan is grated and wonderfully dusts many dishes, or its dense flavour can be enjoyed in flakes after meals.

Parmesan was invented in the 1400s, which means that the first to appreciate it were possibly artists of the Renaissance.

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