Expo Milano 2015, the Decumano at 360° (Part Two)

Continue walking along the Decumano, the 1.5-kilometre long road that crosses the entire site from east to west and hosts on both sides the national pavilions of the Participating Countries.

The 360° video was made by Cristiano Leuti


Discover EXPO Milano 2015 at 360°!

The 360 project
Experiment with the new technology that allows you to immerse yourself at 360 degrees in the exposition site!
Choose your point of view and begin navigating from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Personalise your visit to the Cardo, the Decumano, and the national pavilions and interact with the videos.
This is a unique, diverse and captivating look at the great universal exposition of Milan, which is dedicated to food and nourishment.

What is 360° movie technology?
The 360° technology is able to simultaneously capture images in all of the possible directions. This allows the user watching the video to change the point of view as desired.

The image being seen can be enlarged to see the details of the film or reduced for an overall vision, and the mouse can be moved in the preferred direction. When navigating these pages with a telephone or tablet, you just need to move the device.

Expo 360, Instructions for use 

Choose your point of view!
Move within the video!
Interact with the images!

With the 360° technology, you can select or move your point of view from which you watch the video as you wish.

Are you using a computer?
Choose the areas that you want to visit, push “play” and immediately begin to navigate with the arrows on your keyboard or your mouse. You can enlarge the images to see the details of the film or reduce them to have an overall vision.

Are you navigating on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone)?
Choose the area you want to visit, push “play”, download the (free) app Kolor Eyes 360°(available for Android and iOs), click this icon on your player and move the device in any direction you want.

To select a preferred type of visualisation, experiment with the various settings of the app.

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at raiexpo@rai.it

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